My “Opus de Salvia” YouTube video

Today I released the Salvia video I’ve been working on. I’m uncharacteristically nervous and excited about seeing how well this video does on the platform. It is the culmination of my summer project of shooting lots of salvia videos (and smoking lots of salvia obviously), as well as the last couple of months of studying YouTube and video editing and leveling up my video production game. 

What I’m nervous about is what happens if after all of this work I put into this particular video, it, like my last several videos, gets like 200 views? Now it might sound kind of pathetic to put all this expectation and ego into some arbitrary YouTube metric; one could make the argument that it’s childish. But I’ve found YouTube creation to be very rewarding, and challenging in a healthy way in the last two months. Which is why just being rewarded by a few thousand views on this particular video would be meaningful positive reinforcement for the direction I’m going creatively.

So enjoy the video, and wish me luck!