Dealing with Writer’s Block

You have writer’s block my friend. That is the name of what you are struggling with right now. That’s why you can’t lock in on a video topic and why you can’t decide on a YouTube channel structure. You’re getting caught in the weeds. You’re over analyzing. Let me tell you a few things.

You’ve dealt with this before. And you know how it works. The rule is, if you’re not ready to make something good, make something bad. That is the formula for getting out of writer’s block. Writer’s block comes from one thing: It’s when your expectations, rules, and formulas for creating art are creating so many obstacles, stifling the creative process.

From my experience writer’s block is never a lack of ideas. It masquerades as a lack of ideas but you always already have ideas if you’re reasonably creative. What’s going on is that you’ve created various rules and standards regarding your work, which is good in moderation, but at some point lots of expectations become obstacles. That’s what writer’s block is.
That’s why the phrase if you can’t do anything good, make something bad, embodies the point. It provides creative drano. You have to let go of your expectations. You have to let go of your standards. Learn your craft, then forget the rules.

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