New Project time: Stanislov’s Dilemma

New project time!I’m starting a new project that I’m really excited about. It’s an augmented reality tribute to Stanislov Petrov, the Soviet officer who literally saved the world from WW3 in 1983. I was already fantasizing about this project several months ago and had it on the backburner, but with the global stage being what it is, I decided the time for building it is now.

It’s going to be an interactive installation, experienced via smartphone, tethered via GPS coordinates to a particular area outside the United Nations building in New York City (you’ll also be able to “teleport” there with the app if you happen to not actually be in NY). My buddy Andrew Benson is helping with 3D modeling, I already own the metaverse real estate I plan on using, and I’m starting design work now.

I’m considering using crowdfunding to help pay for the project, it would be REALLY nice if I could physically go to New York to digitally map out the area.

The tentative name: Stanislov’s Dilemma: A tribute to Rational Thinking and Moral Courage

Stanislov’s Wiki page

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