Audience first art 

A few recent developments in my creative life:

For my new website I think I’m leaning toward a minimalist, black and white website design. It’s counter intuitive, flexible, and highlights the content…. and pretty easy, which is nice too. 

Second, I want to lean away from drugs in my work. Not to say I’ll hide it, or erase my old material, but I feel like I’m becoming a drug associated figure like Snoop Dog or Cheech and Chong, which isn’t where I want to be. 

Third, I ran into this YT development video where the creator started a whole new channel to see how quickly he could build a successful channel from nothing. He was crazy successful, getting like 3k subscribers in 3 months or so.

More importantly was his method. Instead of thinking “I want to make these videos, I hope someone watches them.” He first choose what audience he wanted to appeal too, then asked what videos those people want. He even developed 4, functional audience members with hopes and fears and tastes to represent his new audience. Then shot videos for that hypothetical audience. This blew me away. What a brilliant way of constructing art! 

Now I’m trying to discern not my creative identity, but the identity of my audience. I love this. I’m so tired of navel gazing, self absorbed art and this seems like a way out of that.

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