The 4 tenets of meditation

When I meditate sometimes I begin not really knowing why I’m meditating, or how I want to meditate, or what I’m shooting for. When this happens remembering these 4 tenets helps.

From Doing to Observation

Let go of your agenda. Take a break from fixing things and just observe from a neutral state. Be an inward scientist. Take note of love, joy, pain, resentment, excitement, fear, and hope. Just take note. 

From Dualism to Nondualism

See outside objects as inner perceptual phenomena. See inner phenomena as objects of observation. The objective world is actually subjective, in the sense that it is reducible to mental activity. The subjective is actually objective in the sense that its existence is self-evident. 

From Seeking to Giving

Don’t ask for forgiveness, wisdom, or healing. Rather, bestow forgiveness, wisdom, and healing. Be the divine source. Love the world. Accept the world. Bless the world. Will the transformation. 

From Victimhood to Freedom

View the present moment not as a slave, doing the whim of the previous moment, but as an independent entity, free of all obligations. Classical causation is part of the story being told, not the writer of the story. Your mind is a canvas; your pencil is observation and your paint is love.